Starting January 1st, 2022

All dedicated and VPS services will be unmanaged. If you wish to have a managed server there will be a monthly fee. Please see below of what this means for you and your service.

UNMANAGED: International network hosting will only be responsible for hardware on the server. As well as anything that occurred at the data center. We will not provide support in setting up OS and any software issues you have on your server.

MANAGED: International network hosting will be responsible for hardware on the server. As well as monitoring the server for downtime and any irregularity in the server. We will provide basic assistance on setting up OS and managing the OS. We will not provide any assistance for third party software.

Additional assistance:

If you have an unmanaged service, we will provide assistance in OS install for a base fee.

·         If you have a third-party application and need assistance installing, we will provide assistance on install and setup at a base rate. This included ie. cpanel, Tcadmin, fiveM rules ect.

·         If you want a windows server and need assistance installing image, we will assist with this only. You must already have a windows key.

More information to come on how you can get the services as well as the pricing.